A Competition for Wakeboard Riders of all Abilities 


2019 sees the return of the Southern Cable Series after the success of the premiere competition in 2018.


Southern cable series is an 8 stop wake boarding tour set in some of the best wake parks in the South of the UK.

The tour prides itself on being independently run and its’ ethos is to encourage riders of all levels to compete in the presence of pro-riders in a fun, chilled out environment.

We encourage riders of all abilities from Rookie to Pro to join us for an awesome, action packed tour. See some of your Pro heroes put on a show, listen to live music from up and coming artist Tomos Newman, and see if you can win some of the amazing prizes donated by our fantastic sponsors such as a years sponsorship from Island Feather and the coveted Exodus Golden Top. All in a friendly non judgemental environment which, we find, always brings out the best in people, especially the Groms that are new to the competition scene.

At the end of the tour the winners of each category along with the sponsors are invited to the renowned Wayne’s World for a private party.

Due to the popularity of the tour last year we expect slots to run out on some of our stops so please fill out the booking form for each stop you would like to attend to make sure you have a place.

Sponsored by


Click on the images above to find out more about our sponsors. You can also find Tomos on Spotify.

Listed below are the dates and stops for the 2019 Southern Cable Series. For further information on each wake park just click on the icon to link. To book a place on any stop click on the BOOK button below the relevant wake park and fill out and submit the short form. This will book your slot for the day but payment needs to be made directly to the wake park. The cost of entering the competition is £25 per stop.

11th May 2019

19th May 2019


2nd June 2019

15th June 2019

23rd June 2019


7th July 2019


27th July 2019

18th August 2019



 Junior (boys and girls 16 and under)


For anyone who’s just started out wakeboarding from getting their first corner to hitting their first obstacles and doing their first 180s. This is limited to no 360’s/handle passes on any obstacles.


Those riders who have been riding for a while and getting 360’s and handle passes on obstacles. Corner air tricks and ollying onto obstacle is allowed.


For those more accomplished riders who have got a few inverts down, 540 spins and on-the-straight air tricks and basically anything is allowed.


If a junior girl wishes to take part in the adult category they have to ride in the Open category.


For women who have got into wakeboarding and hitting jumps and getting up to 180’s off them. This includes 360’s on flat boxes but nothing else.


Anything goes, so if you’re getting 360’s off the jumps or inverts this is for you.


If a junior boy wishes to take part in the adult category they have to ride in the Open category.


This is for the guys who’ve just got into wakeboarding and are hitting obstacles. This includes 360’s on boxes and 1 handle pass spin off a kicker.


Anyone who’s been going for a while and started to get several spins off the kickers (up to and including frontside 540’s), a basic invert (front roll, tantrum, backroll, scarecrow) and air tricks (raley, back roll, krypt, roll to revert).


This is where anything goes. If you want to challenge yourself and push your riding then this is where you should be.